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I Am Back

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 11, 2014, 10:20 AM
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I bursted through the door.

“Balthasar?” I asked, trying to be calm. Only silence replied, I shouted, “Balthasar!”

A sniffling of a nose came from the kitchen, I followed the sound to find the most gruesome horror. Crimson was painted on the floor and splattered everywhere. A pool lay underneath Scarlet. Balthasar held her close, sobbing.

“No...” Balthasar muttered. “No, why? Please... You can’t be gone.”

I tapped his shoulder and looked deep into his eyes, “You must not cry more. It will not bring her back to us. I will clean this mess. You need to go to your room.”

Without a protest or slight hesitation, Balthasar quietly returned to his room. I reached into my pocket, searching the contact list. I tapped the phone icon within one contact.

“Alaric, I hate to bother you at this time of the evening,” I glanced at the clock, 10:19 PM. “But I could use your help urgently. You seem like the person to know what to do.”

“Alright, Arabella,” his voice was level, monotone. “Graysen is with me, that alright?”

“Of course!” I tried to sound enthusiastic, which proved difficult when I knew I would have a mess to clean up.

Approximately ten minutes later, Alaric exited a small vehicle. I recognized it, a Toyota Prius. It was black, but it was a feminine vehicle. I found it ironic to find the tall body of two adolescent males exiting it.

“I hate that damn car,” Graysen sighed. His beanie was tilted as he walked out of the car and began stretching in the grass on the front lawn.

“Just quiet, let the lady speak,” Alaric’s pensive eyes pierced through me as he turned towards me. “Speak.”

My opened a little, but then I bit back the sharp retort on my tongue, “Please, just come inside. It will be easier to show you.”

Following me into the front door, I lead the males into the kitchen. When I turned to face them, I was shocked. Alaric’s eye were glossy, tears causing his brown eyes to gleam in the light. Graysen stood in the doorway, farther away. His skin was suddenly more pale and his eyes were glazed over by an invisible fog. Alaric slowly sucked in a breath.

“What,” he cleared his throat, “What happened?”

I look straight  into his eyes, “I found Balthasar crying over her body. She was obviously stabbed multiple times, but her rib has a compound fracture in multiple areas. I believed she was surprised and the stabbing to the front is a result of turning around.”

“What are we supposed to do?” Graysen looked up at me, his eyes suddenly darker.

“Jakson had family, he receives a proper burial. But Scarlet has no family left. Can you help me burn the body?”

Both males exchanged worried glances, but then a sudden voice caught me surprise, “Yes.”

I turned to find Holt in the doorway, holding gasoline, a white cloth, rope, and matches.


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